Monday, 26 November 2012

BREAKING NEWS: News That A Fully Loaded BRT Bus Plunged Off 3rd Mainland Bridge Is A Lie ....Please Read And Share


I have found it necessary to confirm to you all that the news about a fully loaded BRT bus tha fell  off Third Mainland bridge is a lie. I have confirmed this from officials of Lagos State Ministry and Emergency services authorities of the state, and they all have debunked the claim. Also the director in charge of LAGBUS have also said the news report is a lie. Fire men and rescue workers rushed to the bridge but found nothing to show that anything like that happened on the bridge, a lot of news houses and blogs have reported this but I am debunking it as mere rumour, we need to always confirm our news before bringing it to people. Please share this news so that people can stop spreading false news.

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  1. So FRSC just tweeted without confirmation......wooow!!!!! And later apologized....This is a serious issue.