Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pictures And List Of Arms And Bomb Materials Recovered From The Home Of A Serving Politician In Kaduna By The Army

          Seized armsSeized arms 2

A statement by the Nigerian Army revealed that two men, two women and five children were arrested during the operation. The operation happened at the home of a serving politician, Hussain Dei Dei near Dalet barrack in Kawo area of Kaduna city. Apart from six AK 47 assault rifles, the military listed the following items as part of the weapons recovered:

- One light Machine Gun.
-One teargas Launcher.
-Twenty Seven Loaded and Seventeen empty AK 47 magazines. Please read more below

-One FN Rifle Magazine.
-Five Sub-Machine Gun Magazines.
- Four Pistols Magazines.
-One loaded Light-Machine Gun Magazine.
-Two Hundred and Seventy Five (275) rounds of 7.62 mm (NATO Ammunition).
-Seven Hundred and Sixty Five (765) Rounds of 7.62 mm Special Ammunition.
-Fifty Eight (58) Rounds of 9mm Ammunition.
-One Hundred and Twenty Five pieces of Detonator-33.
-Two Reels of Detonating Cords.
-Nine Small Cans of Prepared IED.
-One paint Can of Prepared IED.
-Nine pieces of 9-Volt Batteries.
-Three Bags of White Chemical substance.
-Five pieces of Remote Control Switches.
-One Reel of Firing Cable.
-Six pieces of Assorted Car Plate Numbers.

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