Saturday, 25 February 2012

Who are those Scared of a Sovereign National Conference?                                                     
I have watched and listened to prominent Nigerians discuss and debate the importance of a SNC, and the points they have been making are so sensible, that their clamours should be approved by those making decisions. I can not help but wonder why anyone or group of people would not want to yield to aspirations of the majority. I think this set of people will be doing more harm than good to this country if they insist on not yielding to the calls for a SNC. I love and believe in Nigeria, but for the country's center to hold certain issues that affects Nigerians must be addressed with all sincerity and done urgently.

Recent report that shows that almost all Nigerians are living in poverty, is a clear indication of the direction of this ship called Nigeria, and if not properly stered, then it could hit the glaring massive iceberg of calamity and anarchy that lies ahead and it's consequencies will be worse than events that followed sinking of the famous Titanic ship. I rest my case. Wale Akala

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