Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Anonymous Donor Gives N250mn To Kings College, Edo College


The Chairman of the British-Nigeria Education Trust, BNET, David Reeves, said on Wednesday in London that an anonymous donor has given one million pounds sterling (about N250 million) to Kings College, Lagos, and Edo College, Benin. He also said that the donation was for the upgrade of the two schools. Mehn no be beans to donate this kind money o, imagine na white man dey come donate money to develop our schools here, our own rich men can only boast of employing graduates as truck drivers.


  1. Let's pray the moni be used for intended purpose. Instead of our rich pple to imbibe the same culture, they will tell you Nig education is rotten and take their children to U.K/US. The same system they milked dry, they complain of

  2. who told u it is a white man? There is an old boy of Edo College who is a computer whiz kid in Britain who is trying to camouflage his Charity to his Alma mate so that he is not bombarded with requests from Home! I am amazed the Nigerian Press has not caught up with his exploits as they celebrate all the wrong people !Hint: He has donated a special school in London!

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