Thursday, 13 December 2012

SAD: Picture Of A Man With Eye Problem Who Attempted To Commit Suicide Twice (And His Heart Moving Words)


His name is Taofeek Muraina, he is a 40-year-old bricklayer who has been coping with acute eye problem since birth.  Punch newspaper reported that he attempted to kill himself  twicw but failed. in his words according to the newspaper reports, “Life is unbearable for me. I was born with an eye problem. My wife, Tawa, left me and dumped our 10-year-old son with me. I learnt that she has got married to another man.
“I attempted to commit suicide by poisoning myself while my son and neighbours were not at home but my
 landlady got home while I was preparing the mixture. “I am a bricklayer and I mould blocks. People in the neighbourhood always make jest of me. I take native treatment because I cannot afford the cost of surgery.
“I decided to end it all because I could not afford the cost of surgery and no one wishes to help me. With my condition, I still manage to work to feed myself and my son but people hate me.”

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