Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What The Police Found In Oscar Pistorious's House

                                  Oscar Pistorius' family await the start of court proceedings in the Pretoria Magistrates court
                      Pistorious, his sister and father before court proceeding started yesterday

Based on Sky news reports, during the second day of Oscar Pistorius' bail hearing, police described what they found in his house after the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

:: Investigating officer Hilton Botha told the court police found two boxes of testosterone, needles and
 injections in the bedroom.
The defence lawyer said the box contained herbal medication called Testocompasutium co-enzyme, not the illegal substance testosterone.

:: Mr Botha said a gun holster was found on the left side of the bed where Ms Steenkamp’s slippers and overnight bag were.

::  Pistorius illegally possessed .38-caliber ammunition in a safe in his bedroom, said Mr Botha.

:: Mr Botha said he saw a firearm on the shower mat, one bullet cartridge in the passageway and three in the bathroom.

Ground Floor
:: Mr Botha found Ms Steenkamp’s body lying on the ground floor at the bottom of the stairs. She was dressed in white shorts and a black top and covered in towels.

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