Friday, 12 October 2012

Air Worthiness: Saudi Authorities Deny Nigerian Pilgrims' Aircraft Entry Into Saudi Arabia, Forced Plane To Land In Sudan


Based on Daily Sun news reports, a Kabo aircraft conveying Nigerian pilgrims had to make a forced landing in Sudan capital, Khartoum on Wednesday after being denied entry into Saudi Arabia. The aircraft with Reg. No. N9-1143, was conveying pilgrims from Kaduna State but denied landing by the authorities of the King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Jeddah, due to communication lapses as regards its condition. It was gathered that the Saudi aviation authorities denied landing permit to the aircraft after it had entered its
 (Saudi) airspace. The refusal forced the pilot to make a detour to neighbouring Khartoum Airport to enable Saudi and Nigerian aviation authorities to resolve the issue of the aircraft’s airworthiness.

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