Monday, 22 October 2012

REVEALED: Arrested Boko Haram Leader Is Northern Senator's Nephew And Was Arrested At Former Governor's House

                                   Senator Ahmad Zenna                                

There were reports that a high ranking Boko Haram commander, Shuaibu Bama was arrested during the weekend by men of the Joint Military Task Force in Borno state. The thing about the arrest of this man is not the main issue, but how and where he was arrested is what needs to be examined. Now Men of the Joint Military Task Force stormed the home of Senator Ahmad Zanna, brought out all the the males living in the house, threatened them and asked if anyone of them knows about the whereabouts of the Boko Haram leader. One of the boys living in the house stood up and told the men that he could take them to where he
 lives, and took the military team to the exact house where the Boko Haram leader resides and he was arrested. The question is this, the house he was arrested at belongs to former governor of Borno State Ali Modu Sheriff. He was arrested at the house located at Rabi Street, off Dambuwa Road.

The Senator has not denied his relationship with the Boko Haram commander, he claimed that he  (Shuaibu Bama) was his nephew and once lived with him but that he had to  send him away from his house about a year ago, when he discovered that the man was into drugs, beat his children and threatened even himself. The former governor has not said anything about this allegation that the commander was arrested in his house. Let us watch and see.

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