Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"We Killed The 24 People In Kaduna Community Recently As A Reprisal Attack" - Fulani Community Leader


For those of us who have been calling for the arrest and prosecution of killers of over 24 people in Dogon Dawa community of Kaduna recently, we may need to look no further as the leaders of Fulani Community in the state have come out to claim responsibility for the massacre. The leaders of the Fulani herdsmen who were at the state police headquarters in Kaduna yesterday claimed responsibility for the Dogon Dawa attack, explaining that “it was a reprisal for the arrest, humiliation and killing of our Fulani herdsmen by the
 vigilance group from the village.”

The Fulani leaders whose names were not given to the press for security reasons maintained that, “the Fulani people have been accused severally of committing all kinds of atrocities by the vigilance group, especially now that Fulani people are returning from long time grazing from places like Kwara, Niger and Kogi State.
“And in Birnin/Gwari, there have been problems of robbery and all sort of vices, such as cow theft. It was on that basis that the community established the vigilance group to ensure crime-free community.
“It is this vigilance group that is now killing our people who go about their lawful businesses accusing them of robbery.
“The vigilance group of Dogon Dawa indiscriminately kill our men calling them armed robbers; they also steal our cattles, so our men carried out a revenge on them,” the leader stated without remorse.

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