Wednesday, 10 October 2012

News Alert: Nigerian Detained In China For Illegal Residency


I have just found out through a local Chinese media outlet that a Nigerian man was detained in Nantong, Jiangsu province, on suspicion of illegal residence.  On Oct 7, Nantong police found a foreigner registered at a local hotel with a fake passport. The man, a Nigerian national, was born in June 17, 1976. He entered into the country's Guangdong province in February 2009, but didn't renew his visa after it expired, according to police. Police said the man was carrying two fake passports. The man will be detained for one month, and
 the investigation is ongoing, Nantong police said.

I think the relevant agencies should see what can be done to ensure that he is fairly treated, even if it means being deported back home, but at least in good health. I am saying this because of past news about how unfairly Nigerian inmates are being treated in China.

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