Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Northern Nigerian Youth Leader Asks Thoughtful Questions About The Recent Purported Arrest Of A Top Boko Haram Leader At The Home Of A Former Governor (A Must Read)


His name is Ibrahim Garba Wala, he has been very outspoken about the recent happenings in the North. This time he has decided to ask some thought provoking questions about the recent arrest of a man who is accused of being a leader of dreaded Islamic sect Boko Haram, Please enjoy
The political game going on has no better referee than the JTF and the unfortunate spectators are shortsighted bcos those in a better position to speak on this issue are afraid of victimization, though the few
 courageous ones have no access to the media. If we all get distracted by the current accusation among the two prominent politicians, we will surely make the mistake of allowing this issue to consume more lives. Therefore, whoever is involved in either sponsoring or assisting the Boko Haram is still not as guilty as the Government that allowed the Nigerian Police to start this crisis, killed the Leader of the Sect and now allowing the JTF to operate outside the rules of engagement. The Government must not take Nigerians for fools and we Nigerians must not be allowed to be termed as fools.
In view of fact that JTF is at the center of this intrigue, may we have the honour to ask the following questions pls:
 1- After the arrest of Shuaibu Bama, who profiled him (the SSS, Police or Military) and when & how did he became a member of Boko Haram?
 2- Boko Haram members are mostly religious & Ulamas, while Shuaibu is publicly known to be a drug addict (every individual in his neighborhood can testify to that), was he also involved in any Political thuggery, if yes, who is known to be his godfather?
 3- According to the information available on the media that Shuaibu Bama is related to Sen Zannah, can the security confirmed if truly Zannah ever asked Shuabu to vacate his house, on what ground and did Ali Sheriff hosted him at his house close to Zannah's house?
4- What prompted the JTF going to Sen Zannah's house, searching for Shuaibu?
5- Did JTF found Sen. Zannah's call for their withdrawal offensive? Cos, the coincidence is calling for expert's attention, just a week after he has lamented over the JTF excesses in the Kanem land, the next thing is the search in his house!
6- Do they have any documented evidence of where they arrested Shuabu Bama, if yes, whose house among the 2 politicians?
7- Some weeks before then, was there any arrest of the Sect members made by the JTF at the Gamboru (millionaires qtrs) residence of Ali Sheriff's father few weeks ago, after some cross fire? This is an information that the press were denied access to, but, is it known to the neighbors and the people of that area. Did they recover items include 8 AK47 riffles?
 8- When General Monguno's panel that found Sherif's thugs guilty of perpetrating acts of terrorism, was this same Shuaibu Bama among the tugs?
 9- Why did Gen Monguno lost his Job as head of defense intelligence?
 10- Did JTF ever recieved any complain or report on women being raped, women, children & the elderly being killed, houses being burnt & destroyed including market places, even cattle & poultry, etc. All these atrocities said to have being committed by their own (JTF) members?
Ibrahim Garba Wala

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