Friday, 19 October 2012

Toddler Who Suffered Massive Stroke In Womb Stuns Doctors By Walking And Talking In Time For First Day At Nursery

    Liam, now aged 3 (left), suffered a brain bleed while still in the womb. He has surprised doctors with his progress and can now walk and talk. Pictured, right, aged one, wearing electrodes during a brain scan.

A three-year-old boy who suffered a massive stroke in the womb has stunned doctors by learning to walk, talk and see in time for his first day at nursery. Liam Maule was delivered six weeks early in August 2009 after midwives could not find his heartbeat.

While twin sister Laura was born healthy, Liam had experienced massive bleeding in the left side of his brain
 and was severely brain damaged.

The stroke could have killed an adult and mother Rosie, 34, and father Jason, 37, from Swindon, were warned he would not develop normally.

But now Liam has joined his sister at preschool, where he is walking, talking, and can see to a distance of six metres. Curled from Compass newspaper reports

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